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Shanghai Songjiang damping Transformer Group Co., Ltd. (former Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber factory) is a production, sales, service integration of integrated enterprise, key enterprise specialized in manufacturing, processing and sales of various types of shock absorber, registered capital of 58 million, located in Shanghai high-tech park. In the oil, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, construction, heating, water supply and other industries with high visibility and influence, and with the Shanghai Institute of technology, scientific research units, the product has been in short supply, best-selling domestic and foreign markets. Company website: www.songjiangjituan.com
Factory has strong technical force, complete production equipment, with the development and production of various shock absorber processing capacity, with advanced experimental equipment and improve the detection means. And has passed ISO9001 (2008) international quality system certification. Factory to make full use of many years of design, production experience, to optimize the product mix, and strive to complete, quality and stability. The production of products include: flexible rubber joint, spring shock absorber, rubber shock absorber, hanger damper, stainless steel metal hose, bellows, vibration damping pedestal and, product sales for all over the country, the products are applicable to foundation vibration of various types of pumps, fan, air conditioning unit, motor, diesel unit, compression unit, audio, punching machine, dynamic test rig, anechoic chamber, and all kinds of pipe, air conditioning box, fan coil, axial flow fan, wind pipe hoisting vibration.
Shanghai Songjiang absorber Group Co. Ltd. is a Shanghai city "heavy contract, keep promise" unit of gold. Quality first, the credibility of good faith basing ourselves on the market, to the user is supreme, harmony and win-win for the purpose and set up factories, unremitting efforts, to redouble their efforts, for the new and old customers with newer and better products and services, to create value for customers.
[Songjiang] group's companies engaged in a variety of industries:
Shanghai Jing Fu shock absorber manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the company specializes in the production of seat spring shock absorber and suspension spring shock absorber)
Shanghai SONA damping apparatus Co., Ltd. (pine summer Weisong Jiang Group's high-end brand, the body engraved with loose summer words are oil resistant, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, 25kg, double ball, different diameter, thread and other special products)
Shanghai Jiuhu fluid equipment Co., Ltd. (Shanghai company engaged in the production of the group's corrugated compensator, metal hose production)
Songjiang shock absorber manufacturing Co. Ltd. (the company mainly produces ordinary water flexible rubber joint products)
ACCUAIR air suspension (Shanghai) operations center (the company is specialized in the development and production of automotive air suspension system)


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